How to Be Happy

The Simple Things in Life

The simple things in life can make you incredibly happy. Think about how it feels to hug someone you love or do something kind for someone or take a walk in a beautiful setting. Take a moment to think of the small things you could do right now that would make you feel more fulfilled and balanced. Tell someone you love them, call a friend, sing a song. Little things really matter because they bring meaning into your life.

The Beauty around You

Take time each day to admire all the beauty around you. Enjoy beauty through nature, art, literature, architecture, music, people watching or simply think about beautiful things in your life or in the world in general. Celebrate how beautiful you are. There is so much beauty around you, why not use it to be happy?

Express Your Feelings

When you express your feelings you open the door to experiencing life at its richest and fullest. Think about the quality of life you can have if you:

  • Tell people you love them.
  • Cry when you’re sad.
  • Laugh when you’re happy.
  • Admit when you’re scared.
  • Be angry in a healthy way.

When you learn how to live with all the things you feel you become a more well-rounded, balanced person. What will you do to express your feelings?