How to Be Happy

Living from Your Heart

A big reason people aren’t happy is because they’re living based on what their brains (or heads) are telling them instead of listening to their hearts. When you live from the heart you honor who you are at the deepest level and follow your own true path. Anything that comes your way you deal with as yourself. Live from your heart by being who you are at your very core.

Emotional Intelligence and Being Happy

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be in touch with your deepest, and sometimes most uncomfortable, feelings so that they don’t affect your life negatively. When you understand that emotions are a normal part of a happy life then you can deal with anything that comes your way instead of trying to ignore or avoid what’s going on inside you. Being happy depends on being able to feel all your emotions without trying to suppress them. Once you master your own emotions you can also welcome other people’s.

Interrupt Negative Patterns

One of the best ways to be happy in life is to take a close look at your behavior patterns and interrupt the ones that aren’t working for you. Examine carefully what exactly you do that doesn’t lead in a positive direction and consciously substitute a new behavior for the old one. Remember that the new behavior doesn’t have to be perfect and that you can always try another approach in the future.

Intimacy and Happiness

Many people’s relationships never evolve past the, “How’s the weather,” phase, even close ones. To be truly happy in life it’s important to go beneath the surface and connect meaningfully with others. Being intimate with someone means letting them into your life, showing them who you really are and being vulnerable. It’s a deeper kind of relationship that will make you much happier. Here are some signs you’re in a more intimate relationship:

  • You can talk about difficult subjects.
  • You can be the real you.
  • You can talk about your hopes and dreams.
  • You feel safe.
  • You feel supported.
  • You learn a lot about yourself and the other person.
  • You have richer, more interesting conversations.
  • You continually learn and grow.
  • You enjoy a deeper, more fulfilling relationship.

You’ll live a much happier life and have much more intimate relationships when you decide to go deeper and really get to know yourself and others. What do you do to enjoy more intimacy in your life?

What If I’m Not Happy with My Life?

People are frequently quite hard on themselves and are constantly concerned about how well they are doing things or whether they measure up to some abstract concept of happiness. One of the keys to being happy with your life is to learn how to be kind to yourself so you can live happily. Try the following steps today to treat yourself kindly:

1. Praise yourself for something positive you did today.

2. Do something positive that you enjoy each day.

3. Repeat this process every day.

Getting in the habit of doing these basic things can feel weird at first but, over time, it leads to doing things that make you feel good.

The next time you feel like life is not working out, take a moment and try these steps instead of being hard on yourself or dwelling on not being happy. The main thing is to take small actions each day to move your life in a positive direction. It’s like you’re reprogramming yourself to think positively instead of worrying about what’s not going well. What do you do to work toward being happy with your life?