How to Be Happy

Help Others

A great way to be happy is to help others because it brings meaning and purpose into your life. If you only do things to benefit you you’ll eventually find yourself alone because all that matters is you and the people around you know it. Helping others doesn’t mean that you put yourself in harm’s way or become co-dependent, it simply means doing things that make other people’s lives better. The best way to help others is to do kind things without expecting anything in return. Just do it because it makes you a better person and makes the world a better place. What will you do to help others?

Why You’re Great

Remember that you’re great because:

  • No one else in the world is quite like you.
  • Nobody else possesses your unique talents.
  • No one else knows how to be you.
  • No one else thinks like you.
  • Nobody else imagines or dreams like you do.
  • No one else controls your destiny.

Right this moment you have amazing gifts and talents that make you special. Use those gifts to create a wonderful life for yourself and be happy.

You’ll Be Happier If You Don’t Give Away Your Power

You’ll be happier if you don’t give away your power. A lot of people think that finding happiness means giving over your thoughts and actions to some outside expert. While it’s OK to seek advice and wisdom from others, it’s vitally important to stay on your own path and follow your own voice as you move in a positive direction. Don’t let other people define who you are or what you need to do. You’re the only person who gets to decide what you do and where you want to go. Here are some ideas on how to keep your power:

  • Make decisions for yourself.
  • Find out what makes you happy deep inside.
  • Choose what actions you’re willing to take to make yourself happy.
  • Decide to think positively.
  • Praise yourself.
  • Listen to your own inner voice rather than other people’s opinions.
  • Make a list of all the great things you do on your own.

You’ll be much happier in life if you realize how powerful you are and how much control you have over your destiny. What would you add to this list?

The Trajectory of Your Life

An accurate way to gauge how happy you are is to compare the trajectory of your life with what you envision in your dreams. Ask yourself whether you’re doing the things you really love and living with depth and meaning. Think about the things you’re not doing that you wish you were. Life is about all the actions you take and where they are taking you. If you’re moving in the direction of your dreams that’s great, if you’re not you can always make adjustments.