How to Be Happy

Be Willing to Think in New Ways

A lot of people get stuck in life because they’re not willing to think in new ways. It’s hard to make changes in your life and live positively if you refuse to consider new ideas and points of view. Habits, even negative ones, are difficult to interrupt but being genuinely happy is about living consciously and having the courage to try something new.

Being Afraid of Change

If you’re afraid of change you’ll find yourself missing out on exciting opportunities and resisting new ideas and experiences that can make your life more enjoyable. People who are happy realize that change is a constant and that they can use it to learn, grow and become stronger. What will you do to welcome change into your life?


One of the best ways to be happy in life is to dream. Think about what you would really like to do in life, the endeavors that bring you great joy and fulfillment, and then take steps every day to make it a reality. It’s hard to be genuinely happy if all you do is wait to see what happens to you in life rather than actively working on making your dreams come true. What will you do to dream more?

Set Yourself up for Success

People who take on too many tasks at once or have too many goals often find that it ends up in chaos. The key to a happy life is to do things you love and set yourself up for success by: Avoiding taking on more than you can handle, doing things you love, taking one small step at a time, and setting realistic expectations. You’ll be much more happy if you’re not trying to juggle a thousand things at once.

Look at the Stuff You Don’t Want to Look At

One of the best ways to be happy is to look at the stuff you don’t want to look at. This means examining the things inside you that hurt or are uncomfortable and tending to them so you can heal and become stronger. Many people think they can just ignore the difficult issues in their lives and they’ll somehow go away. In actuality, being happy requires constant and deliberate work, including dealing with the hard stuff.