Make Things Easier

Perhaps you’ve met someone who always walks around making things harder than they have to be. They aren’t very happy because they constantly get into conflicts or are experiencing some kind of drama. The key to a happy life is to make things easier rather than more difficult. Think of the areas in your life where you can make things flow better and let go of the things that make your existence harder.

Keep Learning

You’ll have a much better chance of being happy in life if you keep learning instead of pretending that you’re fully developed and know everything. Nobody stops growing intellectually, there’s always something new to contemplate. You can always learn more about yourself, learn more about others and learn more about the world. Keep learning and you’ll never run out of things to be excited about.

Don’t Kid Yourself

You know instantly when you’re doing something that is positive or that leads you in another, less beneficial direction. If you try to kid yourself into pretending that you’re happy or doing something positive when you’re not, you’ll have to deal with the consequences. It takes a lot of energy to kid yourself and you won’t get the results in life that you can when you follow an authentic path.

The Pursuit of Pleasure

Many people mistake temporary physical or mental pleasure for being happy. The pleasure that really matters in life is the one that comes from being the real you, pursuing your dreams and living authentically. Everything else is icing on the cake but doesn’t produce the deep happiness that comes from living a deeply fulfilling life. How will you pursue genuine, long-term pleasure?


You can appear to be really happy on the outside when you’re actually miserable inside. The key to being genuinely happy in life is to be fulfilled and balanced on the inside. It means living your life according to your natural talents and abilities and consistently thinking and behaving in positive ways. Worry less about what you look like to others and more about how meaningful your life is.

You’re Constantly Evolving

Being happy doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly perfect, it refers to the process of constantly evolving during your journey through life. Some people get stuck and think they can’t learn anything new or change anything about themselves and then they wonder why they don’t feel fulfilled or genuinely happy. Life isn’t a static event where nothing new comes along, it’s continuously changing just as you’re constantly evolving.

Celebrate Your Progress

People sometimes get down because they feel like they’re not achieving their goals. One of the best ways to be happy is to worry less about your goal and focus more on the progress you’re making. Take time to stop and recognize the great things you’re doing along the way. It’s the ongoing learning and growth that matters more in life than the outcome.