How to Be Happy

Don’t Kid Yourself

You know instantly when you’re doing something that is positive or that leads you in another, less beneficial direction. If you try to kid yourself into pretending that you’re happy or doing something positive when you’re not, you’ll have to deal with the consequences. It takes a lot of energy to kid yourself and you won’t get the results in life that you can when you follow an authentic path.


You can appear to be really happy on the outside when you’re actually miserable inside. The key to being genuinely happy in life is to be fulfilled and balanced on the inside. It means living your life according to your natural talents and abilities and consistently thinking and behaving in positive ways. Worry less about what you look like to others and more about how meaningful your life is.

Take a Vacation

It’s easy to get sucked into a cycle of constant work without any breaks. Make sure you take a break from all the work you do once in a while to recharge and reconnect with yourself. A vacation can help you see things from a different perspective as well as helping you relax and take care of yourself. You don’t have to go somewhere exotic or expensive, just make sure you take time to get away from work and enjoy the change of pace.

Be Happy by Thinking Less

It’s easy to over think your way into being less happy by thinking of all the things that might happen or didn’t happen or could have happened or won’t happen. It’s wise to think before you act but not to the point that you paralyze yourself and never do anything. Find your happy balance point where you think before you do something but not so much that you’re afraid to take a step or handle a situation.

Be Touchy-Feely

A lot of people pretend that feelings don’t matter in life and then they spend much of their time trying to contain their emotions or redirect them in some way. When you don’t deal with your feelings, you can’t move past things that happened in the past and you’ll be less happy. The same happens with being physically close to people because human beings feel more connected when they hug each other or touch in some positive way. You can’t ignore the human need to feel wanted and bond meaningfully with others, it’s part of living a genuine, fulfilled, happy life. What will you do to be more touch-feely?