Be Happy from the Inside

No amount of thinking of others or doing things for them will bring you the happiness that comes from being happy with yourself. The secret to being happy is to discover who you really are, what you love doing, your passions, your talents, your gifts, and your calling and using these elements to create a life that is deeply meaningful to you and reflects the authentic you.

All That Matters Is Love

In the end, all that matters is love. The love you have for yourself, for others, for your life’s work and for the world is what creates joy and fulfillment. Learn to love the person you are deep inside and you’ll be happy in life. Do everything with love and you’ll experience peace and balance.

Be Willing to Change

You will reach many points in your life where you will benefit from changing or you will get stuck because you don’t want to change. You get to decide whether you hang on to behaviors that don’t get you positive results or you find new ones that bring you balance and fulfillment. The key to being happy is to be willing to change for the better and let go of the things that don’t work.

Avoiding Difficult Issues

It’s nearly impossible to be happy in life when you’re actively trying to avoid difficult issues or pretend that important things don’t matter. That one thing that isn’t resolved will always be there and won’t go away until you fix it. It takes a lot of energy to keep avoiding the issues that you need to heal and no amount of band aids will help, you just need to have the courage to work on them so you can be genuinely happy.

Make Decisions

It’s hard to be happy if you’re constantly juggling a bunch of different issues or challenges that never go away. When you have some unresolved situation in your life, whether it’s big or small, take some time to brainstorm about what you’d like to do about it. Narrow it down to one thing and then take action. You’ll feel more settled and balanced when you think carefully, make decisions and keep moving forward.

Learn How to Be Alone

Many people never spend time alone, they’re always surrounded by family, friends or significant others, in person, texting, online or on the phone. If you don’t give yourself the opportunity to be alone with yourself and your thoughts, you’ll miss out on finding out who you genuinely are, what your inner voice is telling you and what you really want to do in life. Being alone once in a while gives you the chance to listen to yourself and decide where you want to go.

You Can’t Force Happiness

If you’ve ever met someone who acts overly happy, to the point where they seem to be putting on a show, then you know what it looks like to force happiness. Being genuinely happy doesn’t come from acting superficially peppy, it arises from being deeply satisfied with who you are as a person; how you think and behave. When you live genuinely, you won’t have to force any feeling, it will just happen.