How to Be Happy

You Make the Decisions

It’s easy to get caught up in instincts, emotions or thought processes that lead in a negative direction. The key to being happy in life is to remember that your instincts, emotions and thoughts are only part of who you are because you have an additional layer of consciousness can override all those parts of your mind. This part of your mind, let’s call it your higher brain, is the one that has the final decision as to which direction you follow. You can turn it on anytime to guide yourself through even the most difficult situations. Whenever you feel like you’re doing things unconsciously, take a moment to use your higher brain to lead you in a positive direction.

Trust More

It’s nearly impossible to be happy if you don’t trust yourself or other people. Trust means that you believe in yourself and others enough to do the things necessary to live a fulfilling life. A great way to build your ability to trust is to pick one area of your life, something you currently do where you don’t feel comfortable letting go, and decide to work on it anyway regardless of the outcome. Keep practicing and building yourself up little by little, work on yourself first and then help others achieve success like you.

Be Happy by Appreciating

Whenever you feel down take moment to shift your feelings by appreciating what you have. Make a list of the things that you appreciate in your life, read them out loud and give thanks for each one. When you focus more on being happy about what you have than what you don’t, you leave behind the feelings of dissatisfaction that can keep you from living a joyful and fulfilling life.

Do Meaningful Things

It’s easy to feel empty when you don’t do things that really matter. Even people with a lot of money and power can feel unfulfilled because their thoughts and actions don’t mean anything. Being genuinely happy in life means that you do meaningful things like helping people, listening to your inner voice, connecting on a deeper level with others, learning new things, healing your issues, or making the world a better place. These types of activities will create long-lasting happiness in your life and help you enjoy the journey.