How to Be Happy

What’s Your Purpose in Life?

People who have a purpose in life tend to be more happy than those who walk around aimlessly hoping something will happen. Ask yourself what you love doing and what brings you joy and then pursue it. When you listen to your inner self and work toward becoming the person you want to be, you’ll feel more fulfilled and you’ll be living on purpose.

True Love and Being Happy

True love is when you deeply and genuinely accept and celebrate yourself at your core. It’s very different from simply saying you love yourself, it means that you’re actively working on yourself and genuinely growing. The way you’ll know that you’re authentically joyful and loving yourself is that, when you ask yourself whether you’re happy, the answer will come back to you with few doubts. You’ll also notice that your life focuses a lot more love than conflict and pain.

How to Be Happy: Ambiguity

A lot of people make themselves miserable because they think there is only one way of doing things or one way to look at the world. They refuse to deviate from a certain thought or behavior and then wonder why they’re stuck or have limited options.

The key to being happy in life is to embrace ambiguity because not everything is black or white; right or wrong; good or bad. There are a lot of shades of grey and nuanced ways of looking at the world. Be open to all the opportunities available to you and all the wonderful thoughts and ideas that can help you be the best you possible.