Intimacy and Happiness

Many people’s relationships never go past the “how’s the weather” phase, even close ones. To be truly happy in life it’s important to go beneath the surface and connect meaningfully with others. Being intimate with someone means letting them into your life, showing them who you really are and being vulnerable. It’s a deeper kind of relationship that will make you much happier.

Doors Will Open

When you live based on your real passions doors will open for you that you didn’t know existed before. That’s because there are people out there right now who need what you have to offer but can’t connect with you if you keep your talents and gifts a secret. When you’ve decided to follow your true calling then you’ll be open to accepting these new people and opportunities into your life and you’ll build a deeply happy life.

A Black and White Life

A lot of people paint themselves into a corner because they view everything as black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. When you see things this way you only have two options instead of many. Your world becomes a black and white TV instead of a color one.

It’s much easier to be happy when you open yourself up to multiple choices. There are many different solutions to the challenges that arise in life. Why not take the time to brainstorm and develop more than two? The more options you have, the happier and more well-rounded you’ll be.

It may seem confusing to have more than two choices, but the human brain is amazing at being able to select among many options. Give yourself a chance to explore all the amazing ideas available to you.

Happiness and Hurting People

If you have a career or lifestyle that directly hurts people you’re likely limiting your own happiness. That’s because you can’t hurt others without having it affect you. Each time you do something negative toward someone it takes away part of the positive energy inside you and replaces it with negativity. After a while you’ll deplete your positivity reservoir and it will be filled with negativity.

You can’t pretend to be happy and no amount of money or diversions can make  you feel better because it takes a lot of energy to pretend you’re doing well when you’re full of negative energy. The only remedy is to be kind and not hurt people. When you treat others well you replenish the good energy in your life and create positive waves in the world.

Your Behavior

The way you behave in life has a major impact on how happy you’ll be. Look at the following two examples of people’s behavior:

  1. Reserved, angry, mistrusting, defensive, stubborn and combative.
  2. Friendly, calm, trusting, welcoming, flexible and conciliatory.

Which one of these do you think might lead in a more positive direction? Which might give you better results in life? Which one might attract more people? Which one creates a better world? Which one might make you happier?

It’s up to you how you behave in life. Sure, you can get results by behaving either way, but only one will make you authentically happy. What will you do to treat yourself well and behave positively?

Make Your Own Decisions

It might be tempting to let some other person or entity make decisions for you. In the short-term it can even seem easier because you don’t have to face difficult situations or come up with your own answers to complex challenges. Then you wake up one day and realize that you haven’t been living your own life and that you’ve always depended on someone or something outside yourself.

Making your own decisions can be confusing and difficult but it’s the only way to be authentically happy in life. When you make your own choices you get to celebrate your accomplishments and learn from your journey. Along the way you’ll become more confident, grow as a person and live your own life.

How to Be Happy: Follow Your Heart

Your heart holds many answers to the questions you’ll encounter in life. It knows what will make you happy, what career would fit you well, who you really are, what you love doing, what kind of people you might want to have relationships with and what you need to do to treat yourself well.

Follow what your heart says and you’ll move beyond the clutter your brain creates. This doesn’t mean that you go blindly into dangerous or negative situations, just that you listen to what your heart says to help you travel a positive path in life.