How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy: You Can’t Hide Pain

If you’ve ever seen someone cry at what seems to be an inappropriate time or in an unusual context then you know what it’s like to bottle up pain. A big part ofbeing happy is healing the things inside you that cause you pain. These can be things you’ve done in the past or that people have done to you that have hurt you in some way. The discomfort comes from people not treating you with kindness or you not being able to do it for yourself.

The hurt simply means that you have something deep inside that needs attention. It keeps hurting unless you reconnect with who you really are and live a genuine, fulfilling life that comes from deep inside you. It’s the split from your true self that causes the pain and you can never hide it because it comes out when you least expect it. There are many things you can do to heal including going to therapy, meditation and living a life that is deeply meaningful to you. What will you do to start the healing?