How to Be Happy

Be Happier by Worrying Less about People Who Let You Down

You can be happier by worrying less about people who let you down. A significant part of being happy in life is realizing that other people aren’t like you. They don’t think like you do and don’t act the same way. Try not to fall into the trap of thinking that others will behave the way you want them to. This just sets them up for failure and makes you unhappy. Take some time to focus on what you can control and try to accept people as they are.

In order to worry less about people who let you down, try the following:

  • Decide that you’re going to move past the situation.
  • Choose something positive to think of that replaces the thoughts you’re having.
  • Every time you think about that person, redirect your thoughts to the new thing.
  • Keep practicing until the hurt passes.

You’ll be much happier in life if you focus on the positive things you can think and do rather than some perceived slight.

Be Happy by Being Proactive

You can be happy by being proactive. When you’re trying to achieve a goal it’s important to think before you act. Do some planning beforehand. Weigh the pros and cons and move forward in an informed way. This doesn’t mean that you think yourself into a corner and don’t do anything, just make sure you think carefully about the steps you take. Here are a few tips on how to be more proactive:

  • Think of what really makes you happy.
  • Decide on one thing you will do today to make your happiness come true.
  • Take action.
  • Praise yourself for what you do.
  • Repeat the process.

When you decide to actually take action instead of waiting for things to happen to you, you’ll get closer to being happy. What do you do to be more proactive?