How to Be Happy

You Can’t Be Happy if You Don’t Believe Happiness Is Possible

You can’t be happy if you don’t believe it’s possible. Countless people walk through life thinking, feeling and acting miserable because someone told them that they’ll never be happy. Here are some examples of messages that block happiness:

  • Happiness is frivolous.
  • Life is hard.
  • You’re not supposed to enjoy your job.
  • Why are you smiling so much?
  • Your dreams are nice but get real.
  • Happiness is a myth.
  • Do what you’re told.
  • Don’t make waves.
  • Things have always been this way.

We hear so many messages that keep us from discovering who we are and experiencing the genuine joy that comes from self-awareness and living authentically. The good news is that you don’t have to pay attention to these messages. Choose to believe that happiness is possible and take action each day to know yourself well and live your dreams. You deserve it.

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