How to Be Happy

Listen to Your Heart to Be Happy

A big reason people aren’t happy is because they’re living based on what their brains (or heads) are telling them instead of listening to their hearts. When you live from the heart you honor who you are at the deepest level and follow your own true path. Anything that comes your way you deal with as yourself. Live from your heart by being who you are at your very core.

Forgive to Be Happy

One of the most basic ways to make sure you live a happy life is to learn how to forgive. The act of forgiving doesn’t mean you condone what the other person has done or agree with their actions, it simply demonstrates that you have reached a point where you’re willing to let go of the pain so that it doesn’t negatively impact your life. When you truly forgive someone you send a message that you can’t be stepped on and that you have the skills and ability to live positively and happily instead of staying hurt. What will you do to forgive more?

How to Be Happy: Be Generous

You’ll be much more happy in life if you’re generous. Give of your time, wisdom and resources to help others succeed and you’ll not only feel great about yourself but also create positive ripples in the world. Each day offers many opportunities to help others in some way. Give with no expectation of getting anything in return and no agenda to influence the other person in any way, just do something nice.