How to Be Happy

Let Go of Excuses

Each time you make an excuse, you deny yourself the ability to take responsibility for your actions in life and become a more effective person. Even if you make a big mistake, it’s far more desirable to admit that you did it and try hard not to repeat it than pretend that it didn’t happen. When you try to cover up after doing something incorrectly you miss a great opportunity to learn something new and become a stronger, wiser person. Making mistakes is a natural part of life and you get to choose whether you learn from them or not.

Welcome to How to Be Happy

Welcome to How to Be Happy. I love helping creative, open-minded individuals live joyful and meaningful lives. It’s truly wonderful when people let go of the things that don’t work and discover that there’s another way to do things that will make them much happier. It may not always be an easy journey, but it’s worth it. Please feel free to share your wisdom and insights on how to be happy.

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Trying to Impress Others

If you spend your life trying to impress others you might find yourself overlooking your own feedback and perspective. When you look for approval from outside people it’s not the same as loving yourself and becoming secure with the person you are deep inside. The only way to be truly happy inside is to impress yourself by thinking and behaving positively and living your dreams.

A Clear Conscience

When you think and behave in uplifting, kind, positive ways you can enjoy having a clear conscience. A big part of being happy is living in a way that creates good vibes in the universe. You have the ability to consciously choose how you live. You decide how you view the world and what you think and do in it. When you behave in a compassionate, giving, loving way you’ll sleep better at night and you’ll continue to grow as a person.

Being Stuck-Up

People who are stuck-up have crossed the line from being genuinely happy to caring more about superficial appearance and what others think about them. You’ll live a much happier life if you achieve your feelings of self-worth from being a wonderfully kind, compassionate, caring and giving person rather than from trying to look down on others.