How to Be Happy

Talk about Stuff

A trap that a lot of well-meaning, smart people fall into is not talking about important or difficult matters. In order to be happy, it’s important to talk about stuff. Communicate openly, kindly and often. It’s the work you put into resolving difficult issues that will help you learn, grow and avoid repeating the same patterns.

Self-Esteem and Your Actions

A significant part of being happy is how you feel about yourself. People don’t just get great self-esteem one day, it takes deliberate practice to genuinely love yourself deep down inside. Positive self-esteem grows as you do things you love and keep taking purposeful steps in the direction of your dreams. Each small action is a victory that fills your self-esteem reservoir.

Make Your Own Decisions

It might be tempting to let some other person or entity make decisions for you. In the short-term it can even seem easier because you don’t have to face difficult situations or come up with your own answers to complex challenges. Then you wake up one day and realize that you haven’t been living your own life and that you’ve always depended on someone or something outside yourself.

Making your own decisions can be confusing and difficult but it’s the only way to be authentically happy in life. When you make your own choices you get to celebrate your accomplishments and learn from your journey. Along the way you’ll become more confident, grow as a person and live your own life.

The Things that Really Matter

A great way to be happy in life is to focus on the things that really matter. When all is said and done, it’s not that important how much money you have or things you own, it’s how much meaning you have in your life. At critical moments, people realize the importance of the deeper, more meaningful things in life: Saying I love you to someone, self-respect, learning, finding peace, hugging someone, talking with a child, caring for others, spending time with a friend and many other things that go beyond material possessions. What will you do to focus on the things that really matter?

Have Fun

Life isn’t just about drudgery, you can choose to have fun by doing things like:

  • Singing a song.
  • Dancing.
  • Making up a silly story.
  • Telling a joke.
  • Laughing.
  • Playing a silly game.

A lot of people miss being happy in life because they’re too busy focusing exclusively on the difficult or negative things that come their way. Make sure you make time to enjoy the journey. What will you do to have fun?