How to Be Happy

You Can’t Be Mean and Happy

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that happy people can be mean once in a while. The difficulty with this way of thinking and behaving is that you’re essentially giving yourself a free pass to be mean, which not only takes a toll on others but also yourself. Here are some of the consequences of being mean:

  • People don’t like you.
  • People don’t trust you.
  • The people you’ve hurt are likely to never help you again.
  • You don’t build genuine relationships.
  • People are always waiting for you to erupt.
  • You attract people who also have meanness in their vocabulary.
  • Every time you’re mean, it takes a little piece of your happiness away.
  • There are consequences to being mean including isolating yourself from others.
  • Happy people aren’t mean.

If you’re genuinely interested in being happy then you’ll do everything in your power to eliminate being mean to yourself and others. The benefit will be that you can focus on the many wonderful opportunities that kindness and compassion offer.

A Great Way to Be Happy Right Now

A great way to be happy right now is to decide to be yourself. When you make that choice you open the doors to all kinds of wonderful experiences including:

  • Doing the things that mean something to you.
  • Thinking, feeling and acting like yourself.
  • Not having to pretend you’re someone else.
  • Pursuing the career you truly want.
  • Associating with people who admire the real you.
  • Living a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life.

These types of actions are achievable if you’re willing to work on them purposefully. The end result is that you’ll feel much better about yourself and be much happier. What will you do to start being yourself?

Happiness and Lying

It’s difficult to be happy when you tell a lie. Once you tell the first lie you have to tell another to cover it up and things get more complex each time you tell another lie to conceal the previous one. A more positive approach is to not say anything when you feel like you need to lie. This doesn’t mean being rude or secretive, just be thoughtful and kind about what you do say. The more you avoid lying, the happier you’ll be.

Keep Adding Happy Thoughts

One of the best ways to counteract the effect of negative thoughts is to keep adding positive ones. Anytime a negative thought comes into your mind, replace it with one that helps you move in a positive direction. Instead of getting stuck thinking about all the things that are going wrong, try thinking about what could go well. Happy people make a conscious effort to keep adding positive thoughts into their minds instead of focusing on the negative.