How to Be Happy

Release the Brain

Your brain is an amazing instrument that can help you live a richly varied, exciting life. A lot of people think that, if they just control what they know and ignore what they don’t, they’ll limit any possible discomfort and be happy. They even do it to others.

When you cut off the flow of information to your brain it begins atrophying, like a muscle that’s not being used. On the other hand, if you constantly use your brain to learn new things and become more knowledgeable, you become stronger and have more information to effectively deal with the challenges that come your way. The world becomes less scary and you become more confident when you release the power of your brain.

Being Happy All the Time

Many people think that you can be happy all the time and end up exhausting themselves. Happiness is a state of being, a combination of all the things you do in your normal life that add up to a collective sense of balance, fulfillment and joy. When you’re truly happy you feel calm and upbeat, not like you have to put on a mask to show the world how wonderfully you’re doing. Focus less on being happy all the time and more on living your life in a way that brings you deeper satisfaction.

Being Happy Inside and Out

To live a genuinely meaningful and fulfilling life it’s a good idea to work on being happy inside and out. Many people are good at creating a persona or facade of well-being when they’re really hurting inside. The key to living joyfully is to first be content with who you are on the inside. Get to know yourself, do the things you love, work on making your dreams come true and live in a way that reflects the real you. Once you’re happy inside, you’ll radiate the same feeling on the outside.

Worry Less about Losing Face

People create a lot of grief in their lives because they’re always trying to avoid losing face. They’ll even lie or make up stuff to cover up for anything they perceive will make them look bad. You’ll be much happier in life if you agonize less about being wrong and focus more on becoming the most well-rounded and balanced person possible. Learn from your mistakes and setbacks instead of beating yourself up about them. Everyone stumbles once in a while, happy people know how to use those occasions to grow. What will you do to worry less about losing face?

The Simple Things in Life

The simple things in life can make you incredibly happy. Think about how it feels to hug someone you love or do something kind for someone or take a walk in a beautiful setting. Take a moment to think of the small things you could do right now that would make you feel more fulfilled and balanced. Tell someone you love them, call a friend, sing a song. Little things really matter because they bring meaning into your life.

More than One View

People often get stuck in life or limit their ability to be happy because they believe the world is a certain way. Then something changes that doesn’t fit their perspective and they become scared, upset or disoriented. When your view of the world doesn’t help you consistently feel joy or allow you to cope with the challenges that come your way, then it’s a great time to find some new ideas.

Finding Happiness

Finding happiness requires identifying areas in your life that you want to improve and taking action to address those issues. This process is most effective when the person is experiencing discomfort of some kind that motivates him (or her) to consider changing his thoughts or behaviors. The person has to be ready to address the challenge and willing to work on it until positive results are achieved.

It is recommended that people approach finding happiness as an ongoing process rather than a quick fix. Meaningful change requires long-term commitment and effort.